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Pally Beauty Laser Clinic is a warm and welcoming Skin and Laser Clinic with highly qualified Skin Care Specialists and supportive management staff. We use medical grade lasers to provide the best results. We are committed to providing high quality treatments using only the gold standard of equipment to perform them. Contact us for more information.

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極線音波拉皮即超聲刀,英文是High Intensity Focused Ultrasound,它利用聚焦超聲刀高強度治療,直達表情肌SMAS筋膜層進行提拉,收緊面部輪廓,並誘導膠原增生,由深至淺,漸進式收緊肌膚。

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Thermage 熱瑪吉電波拉皮


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Patty was my therapist and I couldn’t say enough good things about her! I was made to feel welcome immediately by both Patty and Hannah, and the whole atmosphere of the salon was superb – relaxed and friendly.
My friend and had a deal for relaxation treatments and meal at plum pudding after. At first arriving WOW and that just gets better as you are taken to the treatment room! The girls giving the treatments were proffessional and friendly so we felt at ease. It was my friends first visit to a spa and boy was she spoilt the treatments were wonderful.
I went as surprise as my best friend had booked us in a didn’t tell me! We had a massage and a facial I’m the couples room! The room Was beautiful and the staff were lovely and so good. It was amazing! I have never felt so good! I want to go back now!!

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冰電波拉皮 – 主要功效

  1. 祛除各種細紋,直接將皮膚拉緊。有效祛除額部、面頰、眉眼、下頜等部位細紋;使肌膚恢復平整、光滑。
  2. 收緊並提升鬆弛的皮膚。如提拉下垂的眼皮、鬆弛的下巴,讓眼睛變得大而有神,讓面部線條更立體。
  3. 修復妊娠紋、全身抗衰老。改善肌膚的新陳代謝,背部收緊修形、胸形調整上提、腰腹周塑形、改善臉型、臀形、腿形。
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